Our Areas of Research

The CRC undertakes distinctive, leading edge research in software and processes that underpin knowledge management, communication learning and interactions among humans and machines.

Latest at the CRC

  • UbiComp 2014 Best Paper Nomination
    Jacky Bourgeois, PhD student in the Computing and Communications Department, received a Best Paper Nominee Award at Ubicomp 2014 held in Seattle in September 2014.
  • Technology for Dogs at RS Science Fair
    OU research into technology for supporting dogs who help humans in their homes or diagnose life-threatening conditions appeared at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

Upcoming Events

11 December 2014
"Upside Energy — Opening up demand response to everyone"
The UK's electricity grid is under stress. At peak times, it runs very close to full capacity — creating risks of blackouts, increasing the cost of electricity, and driving up our use of dirty, carbon-emitting energy generation.