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  • Navigation and Wayfinding in 3D Learning Spaces
    Designing navigation and wayfinding in 3D virtual learning spaces

    Our research on the design of learning spaces in 3D virtual worlds (such as Second Life) has shown that navigation and wayfinding are the key usability problems that impact on the student experience. To determine the design aspects of learning spaces that facilitate or hinder navigation and wayfinding, we have carried out interviews with designers, educators and students. We have also observed students navigating through learning spaces in Second Life to perform activities such as searching for resources, or finding the way to a particular learning space within an island, and so on.

    Based on our empirical investigations and design principles from the fields of urban planning, Human-Computer Interaction, Web usability, geography and psychology, we have derived guidelines for the design of 3D virtual learning spaces to facilitate navigation and wayfinding. We have also derived best practice examples for navigational aids such as maps, signs, paths and landmarks.

    Under the Creative Commons License (please see Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC). The guidelines are available for downloading from the link.

    Participants: Dr Shailey Minocha
    Web: To follow soon...