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  • Mr Andrew Stuart
  • Mr Jon Bryan

Wearable Biosensing for Working Dogs

Theme: Animal-Computer Interaction
Funding Agency: Retrieva Tracking
Period: October 2012 to March 2013

This project investigated and prototyped a wearable sensor system to measure vital signs in dogs, as a first step towards a longer term investigation and development of unobtrusive ambient- and bio-sensing wearables for monitoring the welfare of working and companion dogs.

Contexts of use for such a system range from the general (e.g. where a pet owner may wish to monitor the dog when exercising or recovering from illness, or a racing dog trainer may wish to apply fitness science to the training process) to very specific (e.g. where dogs may need to be monitored remotely by police, search and rescue or the military in conflict zones, or where they need to be left in a vehicle or kennel for any length of time).

The project originated from the findings of a previous investigation on how the use of tracking technology with companion dogs influences the behaviour of both humans and dogs, changing interactional and relational dynamics between the two.  This work received a Best Paper Nomination at ACM Ubicomp 2012: http//