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agINFRA: A data infrastructure to support agricultural scientific communities

Theme: Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web And Knowledge Services
Funding Agency: European Commission: Framework VII Research Infrastructures, Capacities Programme
Period: 15/10/2011 - 14/10/2014


The overarching aim of the agINFRA project is to introduce agricultural scientific communities to the vision of open and participatory data-intensive science. To achieve this aim, the agINFRA consortium will design and develop a scientific data infrastructure for agricultural sciences that will facilitate the development of policies and services that promote the sharing of data among agricultural scientists in a manner that develops trust within and amongst these communities.

Through the establishment of an open and interoperable data e-infrastructure, the agINFRA consortium will remove existing obstacles concerning sharing, processing and accessing scientific information and data in agriculture, as well as improve the preparedness of agricultural scientific communities to face, manage and exploit the ever-increasing abundance of multi-disciplinary data that is available to support agricultural research.

Ultimately, the project will demonstrate how a data intensive e-infrastructure for agricultural scientific communities can be set up to facilitate data generation, provenance, quality assessment, certification, curation, annotation, navigation and management.

One of our contributions to the agINFRA project is to develop services that will perform linguistic analysis of agricultural literature in order to facilitate information extraction and information retrieval. Our role in this project is complementary to that of another Framework VII funded project that we are involved in: ViBRANT (Virtual Biodiversity Research and Access Network for Taxonomy