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Autoadapt: Automatic Adaptation of Knowledge Structures or Assisted Information Seeking

Theme: Natural Language Processing
Funding Agency: EPSRC
Period: 11/2008 - 11/2011

Student working
A massive number of electronic document collections exist within companies, universities and other institutions. Two common forms of information seeking are searching and exploring (browsing) the collections. However, finding relevant information within such collections can be difficult. This is true for searching with poorly formulated and less specific queries as well as for browsing where the user may not have a specific target to search. The user's information seeking could be assisted by well-structured knowledge about the search domain, which we refer to as domain model. A domain model is effectively a structure that people impose on data to support them in information seeking. We can now derive query modification or browsing suggestions directly from the domain model. This three-year project aims to develop and evaluate methods for adapting automatically constructed domain models to the population of users' search or browsing behaviour. Application and large-scale evaluation of the developed methods in two information seeking scenarios - namely, interactive search and browsing - will be performed on a number of domains including the intranets of the Essex University, the Open University and our industrial partners.