This Project's

Advanced Knowledge Technologies

Theme: Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web And Knowledge Services
The AKT project aims to develop the next generation of knowledge technologies to support organizational knowledge management. AKT will look at all aspects of knowledge management from acquiring and maintaining knowledge to publishing and sharing it. We intend to address all these closely related issues in an integrated approach, making use of recent developments in artificial intelligence, psychology, linguistics, multimedia and Internet technology. The AKT consortium comprises five UK universities and is funded by a 7M GBP, 6-year EPSRC grant in the context of the Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations programme. Participants: Enrico Motta, John Domingue, Simon Buckingham Shum, Maria Vargas-Vera, Martin Dzbor, Yuangui Lei, Dnyanesh Rajpathak, Gaston Burek, Victoria Uren, Jianhan Zhu, Marta Sabou, Lucia Specia, Tom Heath