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External Collaborators

  • William Gaver
  • Dan Chalmers
  • Tom Rodden
  • Ashraf Khalil

CHANGE: Engendering change in people's everyday habits using ubiquitous computing technologies

Theme: Ubiquitous Computing
Funding Agency: EPSRC
Period: March 2010 - August 2011

Dappled Leaves
The CHANGE project is a collaboration between Goldsmiths, Nottingham University, Sussex University and The Open University and is investigating how people react when ubiquitous technologies provide them with information about normally invisible behaviour. We are interested in whether and how people change their everyday habits with respect to environmental concerns and their well-being. Seeing how you are doing compared to an agreed or shared target is known to be an important motivating factor in the extent to which people reduce or increase a behaviour. We are focusing on situated decision-making, with the aim of providing salient information at key places where it can nudge, nag or nod, such as people's clothing, food packaging, the dinner plate or other everyday objects.