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External Collaborators

  • Prof. Helmut Prendinger (NII, Tokyo)

CODA: Coherent Dialogue Automatically Generated from Text

Theme: Natural Language Generation
Funding Agency: EPSRC

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The CODA project will develop the theory and technology for automatically creating dialogue content from text in monologue form. There is ample empirical evidence that presentation of information in the form of a dialogue can be more effective than monologue (e.g., for tutoring and persuasive communication). Since most information is locked up in text (books, leaflets, webpages, etc.), text-to-dialogue generation technology can play an important role in making information available in a form that best meets people's needs for easily processable and engaging information. The effectiveness of dialogue is magnified by the fact that it is eminently suitable for new multimedia presentation styles - for instance, a dialogue can be performed by digital computer-animated characters.

In May 2011, the Papworth Trust commissioned two videos based on their information leaflets for service users. The content of the videos is prepared using the CODA Monologue-to-Dialogue technology. The videos are available on the Papworth Trust's YouTube Channel (see User Involvement Promise and Feedback) and on the Papworth Trust’s User involvement page.