This Project's

State-of-the-art simulation of the climate system

Theme: Social Software
The [] is a state-of-the-art simulation of the climate system which runs on PCs. Project participants will be able to download and run different parametrizations of a climate simulation program, thus providing data for studying climate change. The collaborators in this large-scale e-Science project are The Open University, the universities of Oxford and Reading, Rutherford Appleton Labs, and The MetOffice. KMi's role in the project is to develop a robust semantic web portal for the estimated 2 million participants. A mixture of technologies will be used, including integrated discussion forums, a web-based news service, conferencing services and social areas using the latest instant messaging programs. This portal will also use state-of-the-art semantic web technology (developed in KMi) to provide fully customisable 'semantic filters' that can be placed over any web-based document (whether local or remote), and provide the user with the context of identified 'concepts-of-interests'. Participants: Martin Dzbor, Enrico Motta, John Domingue and Marc Eisenstadt (KMi); Bob Spicer and Elaine McPherson (Earth Sciences)