This Project's

Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid

Theme: Social Software
Scientists located in different geographical regions are increasingly working closer with each other and relying on each other to accomplish their tasks and achieve common goals. Technologies such as the Access Grid and VRVS provide a suitable communication platform for these collaborations. However, as the tasks become more ambitious and complex, the need grows for additional structured support. The Advanced Knowledge Technologies Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (AKT IRC) project has developed useful knowledge management technologies that provide a good foundation for distributed knowledge sharing that is to be used to assist scientists' day to day work alongside current Grid collaboration tools such as the Access Grid and VRVS. CoAKTinG draws on and integrates AKT technologies to provide a set of complementary tools to provide this structured support. Participants: Simon Buckingham Shum, Marc Eisenstadt, Jiri Komzak, Michelle Bachler and Albert Selvin Project Champion: Simon Buckingham Shum