This Project's

Research Team


External Collaborators

  • Dr Gordon Barr (Glasgow)
  • Dr Elizabeth Blackburn (Birmingham)
  • Dr Nick Collins (Sussex)
  • Dr Hua Dong (Brunel)
  • Dr Melissa Grant (Birmingham)
  • Dr Paul Shepherd (Bath)


Theme: Natural Language Generation
Funding Agency: NESTA
Period: 2008 - 2012

The DataMIX project aims to explore more inclusive means of communicating data. It was proposed by seven young researchers from different backgrounds who deal with a variety of data on a daily basis: some generate and analyse large volumes of data, some handle multi-dimensional data and some investigate data transformation. Together they are organising a series of workshops to discuss the format of data, the methods of presenting data, and the effective ways of communicating data. Experts from relevant fields and people with various sensory capability losses will be invited to the workshops. The workshops will take place in the University of Birmingham, Brunel University and Open University during a 18-month period. The project will enable the researchers to apply inclusive design thinking across different disciplines, and to evaluate how ‘useful’, ‘usable’ and ‘inclusive’ data from any experiment can be made. The DataMIX Project is funded as part of NESTA's Crucible programme.