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External Collaborators

  • Dr Anders Bouwer
  • Mat Dalgleish
  • Prof Eduardo Miranda
  • Topi Hurtig
  • Dr Erwin Schoonderwaldt

Empowering and Illuminating Musical Activities

Theme: Music Computing

Violon (50x50)

We are developing computational and technological means to facilitate musical activities. In so doing, we hope to empower musicians both individually and collectively. Projects we are currently undertaking include:

• Harmony Space—A spatial representation of musical harmony that has many applications, such as making harmony easier to understand and learn, and providing a template for whole-body interactions with musical harmony (Simon Holland).

• Song Walker Harmony Space—An experienced performer or musical beginner can control, and learn, chord changes by moving their whole body in space (Simon Holland).

• Embodied cognition and music interaction design—This project explores ways in which theories of Embodied Cognition and Conceptual Metaphor can be exploited to create new frameworks for the analysis, design and improvement of music interaction software (Katie Wilkie, Simon Holland).

• Music Jacket—We use vibrotactile feedack to inform violin students when they are holding their violin incorrectly or their bowing trajectory has deviated from the desired path. We are investigating whether this system motivates students to practice and improves their technique. (Janet van der Linden, Erwin Schoonderwaldt, Rose Johnson, Jonathan Bird)

• Tabletop Groupware for Music—Design and evaluation of multi-touch and tangible interfaces for collaborative music making (Anna Xambó, Robin Laney)

• A Multi-Touch Surface Button-Lattice Instrument—A novel musical interface designed to facilitate the expressive control of tuning, microtonality, and non-Western tunings (Andrew Milne).