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EISYS: Distributed DVB capture, storage, analysis and distribution

Theme: Software and Engineering Design
Funding Agency: DTI/KTP

Executive Interviews (EI) is a small international company which specializes in repurposing business news broadcasts from satellite and terrestrial broadcasters for use by companies. This requires a very labour intensive process to capture, store, classify and analyze a vast amount of worldwide video data which limits the number of customers the company can service. Buried within this data are the details of both potential customers and the raw material for the company to process and turn into a product. This project aims to automate the company's entire product workflow to provide automatic analysis of worldwide broadcasts. This will not only decrease labour costs, but also increase the volume of data the company can process and bring up opportunities for the company to offer new products. Blaine Price, a Senior Lecturer in Computing, is the principal investigator co-supervising a researcher working in the company.