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Handbook of evaluating the effective use of emerging technologies in education

Theme: Social Software
Funding Agency: JISC
Period: Until July 2013

Social Ring
This project aims to develop a practical guide for evaluating the effectiveness of educational initiatives involving social software and emerging technologies to support student learning and engagement. The handbook will present an innovative suite of resources consisting of qualitative research methods for data collection and analysis, ranging from traditional social science research to user-centred research methods and to participatory design methods. The handbook will be a useful resource for educators, researchers and practitioners involved in educational research, and particularly in the evaluation of the effectiveness of emerging technologies in education. The handbook will include the following: a toolbox of research methods that educators, course designers and researchers can apply to evaluate the student experience with technology-enabled learning initiatives with particular focus on social software and emerging technologies such as Apps on a smartphone, or 3D virtual world initiatives; demonstrations of the application of these methods through examples; guidance on how to make sense of the data and the process involved in conducting qualitative data analysis; discussion of the ethical considerations of conducting educational research (with examples); and a set of resources such as templates for research protocols, key literature sources, web resources on ethical guidelines for research of technology-enabled learning applications.