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Identifying Domain Specific Ontological Relations from Text

Theme: Natural Language Processing
The current state of the art allows us to identify the important domain concepts from text and use these to build reasonable subsumption hierarchies.The identification of other relations in text remains much more challenging. This work is concerned with developing techniques for advanced relation identification. In text, relations between nominal concepts are established by verbs. However, verbs are highly polysemous and their usage is often metaphorical. Furthermore, the meaning of a verb in a sentence is also more than its lexical meaning. Some of this meaning is embedded in the argument structure of the sentence construction. This constructional meaning is fundamental to the nature of the relation between its arguments. The lexical meaning acts as a modification of the meaning of the construction. The research is aimed at using the constructional meaning component of the sentence to infer the logical relations between the nominal concepts.
People Researchers  
Anne De Roeck Victoria Uren Dileep Damle