This Project's

Research Team


External Collaborators

  • Alexei Yavlinsky
  • Peter Howart
  • Joao Magalhaes
  • Simon Overell

Multimedia Digital Libraries

Theme: Multimedia Information Retrieval
Funding Agency: EPSRC

The overall aim of the project is to facilitate visual and text-based access approaches to digital libraries through novel browsing, search and visualisation paradigms in additional to the traditional text search approach. Project interactive approaches will focus on general users with a straightforward retrieval paradigm that requires the minumum of retrieval effort from the user. As the majority of text searches are composed of 2-3 keywords this is an important consideration. The digital content used in the project is composed of television news, newspaper archives, museum photos and personal digital photos. Material is supplied by the British library, the Victoria & Albert Museum, BBC, University of Waikato and Imperial College London.