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  • Erwin Schoonderwaldt


Theme: Music Computing
Funding Agency: AHRC funded E-Sense project and the Open University’s Strategic Funding in Music Research.

music jacket
We have been developing MusicJacket, a prototype teaching system which uses a number of novel ubiquitous technologies and is designed to increase people’s awareness of their posture and assist in learning to play the violin. The system uses an inertial motion capture system which can track, in real-time, the movement of the bowing arm and can provide real-time feedback to the player through use of vibrotactile motors placed on arms and body of the novice player. The key question for the research is whether players can make use of this type of feedback while learning to play the violin, whether teachers can use it as a support in their teaching, and therefore more generally, how vibrotactile feedback can be used in training of motor skills. We conduct longer term user studies in the classroom, with both adult novice players as well as children as young as six years old to address these questions.