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Privacy Rights Management for Mobile Applications

Theme: Ubiquitous Computing
Funding Agency: EPSRC

Cog Wheel

The project will investigate privacy requirements across the general population for a specific set of ubiquitous computing technologies. These requirements will be used to produce a Privacy Rights Management (PRM) framework that enables users to specify privacy preferences, to help visualize them, to learn from the user's behaviour what their likely preferences are, and to enforce privacy policies. We will make use of a large cohort of over 1000 OU students with a broad range of ages and backgrounds, both for identifying requirements and for evaluating tools for privacy management. The project will be managed by the OU and will be conducted in collaboration with Imperial College London. It will also involve researchers in digital privacy from IBM’s TJ Watson Research Lab, Purdue University (Prof. Elisa Bertino) and Carnegie-Mellon University (Prof. Lorrie Cranor). Further details on this project can be found in the PRiMMA Project Summary.