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Spatial Audio Navigation

Theme: Music Computing
The research of the Music Computing Lab has some overlaps with Audio Computing, particularly in the area of Spatial Audio. This project was the first to apply spatial audio to GPS for freely mobile sighted users, in the explicit framework of a minimal attention approach. In this project, a prototype audio user interface for a Global Positioning System (GPS) was designed and implemented to allow mobile computer users to carry out a location task while their eyes, hands or attention are otherwise engaged. Audio user interfaces for GPS have typically been designed to meet the needs of visually impaired users, and generally (though not exclusively) employ speech- audio. In contrast, this prototype system uses a simple form of non-speech, spatial audio. Various candidate audio mappings of location and distance information were explored, and a variety of tasks, design considerations, technological opportunities and design trade-offs were considered. Holland, S, Morse, D.R. (2002) Audio GPS: Spatial Audio Navigation in a minimal attention interface. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Vol 6, 4, pp 253-259.