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Research Team


Study of the effective use of social software to support student learning and engagement

Theme: Social Software
Funding Agency: JISC
Period: 2008-2009

JISC Log (90x90)

The term ‘social software’ covers a range of software tools which allow users to interact and share data with other users, primarily via the web.

Social networking web sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube are examples of some of the tools that are being used to share and collaborate for a variety of educational, social and other communicative purposes. Educational institutions are increasingly making use of social software tools.

Studies are needed of:

  • how activities can be designed to include such tools;
  • what are the benefits and problems associated with their use;
  • the role of these tools in enhancing the learning and teaching experience.

Therefore, in this project, our aim was to collate data for 8-12 case studies from higher and further education institutions where social software tools have been employed.