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7 November 2007

Data-To-Text: Generating English Summaries of Data

Location: Room 308 (Top Floor) Maths & Computing Bldg
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm
Speaker(s): Dr Ehud Reiter - University of Aberdeen

Data-to-text systems generate textual summaries in English or other human languages of non-linguistic data. For example, such systems can generate textual weather forecasts from numerical weather predictions, and textual summaries of statistical data from the raw data. I will present an overview of data-to-text, including a discussion of how such systems are built and when they are useful. I will also describe one particular data-to-text project, Babytalk, whose goal is to generate summaries of medical data about infants in neonatal intensive care, for doctors, nurses, parents, and friends&family.

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