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15 September 2011

Role of social media in student learning and engagement

Location: Meeting Room 10, 2nd Floor, JLB
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm

Through case studies involving blogs, wikis and 3D virtual worlds, I will discuss the advantages and challenges of integrating social media in teaching and learning. Social media can support reflective and collaborative learning, facilitate development of team-working and academic writing skills, and enable community building. However, social media presents challenges and risks too. Students have concerns about privacy and the public nature of the tools for their academic activities. The educator’s role is changing from being a provider of information to a facilitator or moderator, which raises training needs, workload issues, and adjusting to a ‘new’ way of teaching. Institutions face the dilemma of adopting and recommending tools in the pubic domain over which they have no control. On the other hand, the institution’s virtual learning environment may not provide tools with as rich a functionality as is available in the tools which are in the public domain. On September 22nd, I will be presenting at the Guardian Higher Education Network event in London: 'Using social media to enhance student experience': http://guardianseminarsocialhe.eventbrite.com/ The LRG seminar on this Thursday (September 15th) is a rehearsal for the September 22nd event. So I would be grateful if you could kindly come along and give me your feedback and comments. Many thanks.

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