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27 September 2007

Understanding and exploiting requirements

Location: Room 308 (Top Floor) Maths & Computing Dept
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm
Speaker(s): Prof Rob Pooley

It is a long established fact that generating clear and unambiguous requirements is both difficult and essential.In this talk we consider two aspects of the requirements elicitation and representation problem. Firstly we consider how we can translate requirements expressed as natural language scenarios into UML diagrams. Starting with the long standing view that we "simply" turn the nouns into candidate classes and the verbs into candidate operations, we consider some experiments exploring how well students can map English language into class diagrams. Further experiments are then reported, using a semi-automatic tool, which generates partial class diagrams and refines these by questioning users. We then look briefly at how requirements can be used to support re-use of designs. A pilot tool based on traceability is presented, along with some simple experiments using it. Finally the ReDSeeDs EU project is described, where a requirements matching approach to software case re-use is being developed.

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