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16 June 2009

SEAD Seminar: Jon Chamberlain and Udo Kruschwitz

Location: JLB meeting room 10
Time: 12.00
Speaker(s): Jon Chamberlain and Udo Kruschwitz

Title: Using human computation in a Web-based game to create resources for NLP. Abstract: The goal of the ANAWIKI project at Essex University is to experiment with Web collaboration and human computation to create large-scale linguistically annotated corpora. The motivation for this is the observation that a group of individuals can contribute to a collective solution, which has a better performance and is more robust than an individual's solution as demonstrated in simulations of collective behaviours in self-organizing systems. Wikipedia is perhaps the best example of collaborative resource creation, but it is not an isolated case. The gaming approach to data collection, termed games with a purpose, has received increased attention since the success of von Ahn's ESP game. We will present a short history of related work, as well as a demonstration and initial results of Phrase Detectives, a game designed to collect judgments about anaphoric annotations. Project homepage: http://anawiki.essex.ac.uk Latest paper: http://anawiki.essex.ac.uk/www2009.pdf Phrase Detectives website:http://www.phrasedetectives.com Lunch will be served from 12.00noon, seminar starts at 12.30pm. ALL WELCOME!

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