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29 November 2007

'The interface between law and technology

Location: Room 308 (Top Floor) Maths & Computing Building
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm
Speaker(s): Stefan Fafinski - BCS

An increasing amount of human activity is now taking place within cyberspace. However, the near-instantaneous nature of internet transactions and the trans-border topology of the internet cut across traditional patterns of legal regulation. Cyberspace is potentially a legal nightmare. Cyberlaw refers to the interaction of law with information communications technologies and computer mediated communications systems. Cyberlaw is found at the cutting edge of law, where the ability of the law to achieve its goals is challenged. Thus, the 'law' in cyberlaw tends to takes as its subject not only the law that applies to the Internet, but also the wider range of regulatory responses and strategies of governance that subsequently arise. It is as much about the 'law in action' as the 'law in books'. This seminar will begin to explore the impact of information technologies upon legal action and the impact of legal action upon information technologies. In doing so it will refer to research studies including the impact of Chip and PIN technology on fraudulent behaviour, the rise of identity theft as organised crime and the general impact of the internet on criminal activity encompassing such diverse areas as drug-dealing and football hooliganism. Stefan Fafinski (1871 Ltd/University of Leeds) Stefan has over twenty years experience in the information technology industry. Before establishing 1871, he was Senior Director of Professional Services for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at a global software corporation. He has published extensively on cybercrime, computer law and computer misuse and is currently undertaking research into the regulation and governance of computer misuse funded by the University of Leeds. He won the 2006 British Association for the Advancement of Science Joseph Lister Award for his work on cybercrime. He is both a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Scientist and holds Chartered Fellowship of the British Computer Society, where he is a member of the External Relations Board and the Information Privacy Expert Panel. He is a also a member of the British Society for Criminology, the Society of Legal Scholars, the Socio-Legal Studies Association and the Fraud Advisory Panel. Stefan holds both a Bachelor of Laws degree with first-class honours from the Open University and an Masters degree in Natural Sciences from St John's College, University of Cambridge. He is an Associate Lecturer in Law with the Open University and a Visiting Lecturer in cyberlaw at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University of Leeds.

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