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16 October 2014

Crowdfunding for Academic Research

Location: Meeting Room 10, 2nd Floor JLB
Time: 14:15pm-15:45pm

Crowdfunding, the practice of soliciting incremental financial donations from a crowd for use towards a project, is a developing field for both research and application. As the number of crowdfunding successes grows, there is growing interest in specialised areas of crowdfunding. One of these sub-types is crowdfunding for research. This sub-type is underdeveloped in terms of number of platforms, as well as spread across disciplines, with the attention currently focused on scientific research. Crowdfunding for research is a particularly attractive option not just for its ability to secure funding, but also for its non-financial potential and characteristics such as sustained interaction, skills building, and community. Crowdfunding for research has also been positioned as an option especially appropriate for early-career researchers. Alex will present what she has learned about crowdfunding for research, including both challenges and opportunities. As this is an emergent field, the aim is to make this an interactive session with group discussion and Q&A. Bio: Alex is a 2nd year in the Department of Computing and Communications. She is supervised by Leonor Barroca, Mike Richards, and Dave Roberts. Her research investigates the nature of the relationship between online community and crowdfunding.

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