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22 June 2009

Bibliometrics Explained: Citation Analysis, h-indexes, Impact Factors and More

Location: Meeting Room 1, Ground Floor, Jennie Lee Building
Time: 1000 - 1600
Speaker(s): Professor Lokman Meho, Indiana University, USA

Historically, it refers to a set of methods used in information science to study or measure texts and information. The most commonly used methods are citation analysis and content analysis. Data from citation indexes can be analysed to determine the popularity and impact of specific articles, authors and publications, and to gauge the importance of one's work. The basic idea or assumption behind citations is that influential works or scholars are cited more often that others. This one day tutorial will introduce citation data, citation databases, and the h-index and several modifications of it. Following a presentation on the benefits of citation data and an overview of citation data sources, the h-index, and journal impact factor, a demonstration will be given on citation searching and calculating the h-index in Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, Google Books, Amazon, Publish or Perish and others. The Journal Citation Reports and SCImago will be covered for identifying journal and conference impact factors. Finally, it will discuss methods of enhancing your research impact/visibility. Please contact Mary McMahon if planning to attend for catering purposes (m.mcmahon@open.ac.uk)

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Contact: mailto:m.mcmahon@open.ac.uk