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21 November 2013

"Beyond the MusicJacket - taking real-time multimodal feedback into "the wild"

Location: Meeting Roomo 10, 2nd Floor, JLB
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm
Speaker(s): Rose Johnson - PhD student at UCLIC

Real-time feedback has a lot of potential to help people learn physical skills. The MusicJacket which I studied while at the Open University showed that real-time vibrotactile feedback can be useful for learning the violin. But what about other modalities? And what happens when people appropriate feedback in the real world? This talk describes new prototypes which give real-time visual and vibrotactile feedback to help people practice the violin and are simple and cheap enough for users to take ownership. I present the findings from three studies which investigate the efficacy of real-time multimodal feedback for practicing violin in different settings: individual practice, ensemble practice at a summer school and the sectional rehearsals of a high school orchestra. Based on the findings of these studies I will present a framework to describe real-time multimodal feedback for learning complex motor skills. In addition I will discuss how my methodology has developed through my PhD, in particular using Participant Observation to gather data about using the feedback for ensemble playing. BIO: Rose Johnson is PhD student at UCLIC. Her supervisors are Yvonne Rogers, Janet van der Linden and Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze. She spent the first two years of her PhD at The Open University, working on the MusicJacket project before transferring to UCL. She has an MPhys in Theoretical Physics from Swansea University and won the PM Davidson prize for best theoretical project. She currently lives in an ramshackle cottage in Suffolk with her husband Matt, her one year old son Dylan and seven quail, four chickens and a cat and a dog.

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