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4 October 2012

Title: Social software in innovative pedagogy and digital scholarship

Location: Meeting Room 10, Second Floor, JLB
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm

Our research programme (2006-ongoing) has focused on the evaluation of emerging social software technologies and how they can support innovative pedagogy and digital scholarship, for example, blogging for reflective practice and public engagement; wikis for virtual team collaboration; 3D virtual worlds in training and skills development, and the role of social software in research dialogues. Our empirically-grounded inter-disciplinary research is based around conceptualising these emerging technologies as social technological systems involving the interplay of context and user experience. The research outcomes have been evidence-based methodologies, frameworks and models, design guidelines, and toolkits that inform design and encompass the overall user experience with the system. We already have some evidence of the uptake of our research outcomes (e.g. citations of our papers and reports, case studies) in academia and practice. The REF panel has suggested that we develop a Web portal to showcase the outputs for dissemination and to influence further exploitation and possible impact. In this talk, I will present the various outputs of our research programme and invite comments from colleagues in the audience on the design (structure and navigation) of this Web portal. I hope that this exercise will be useful for colleagues who are also planning to set up or re-design their websites to showcase their research/teaching outcomes in order to create a 'brand' around their initiatives.

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