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17 April 2008

London Technology Network: Opportunities for technology transfer and more

Location: Maths & Computing Building Room 308 (top floor)
Time: 12.30 - 13.45
Speaker(s): Professor Stefan Rueger

Abstract. This talk introduces LTN, the London Technology Network that was set up to link the academic research base in the wider London area and beyond with industry. LTN offers a forum to promote UK research and helps universities develop their research portfolio of technologies and support their active engagement with industry. I will detail opportunities that LTN affords to individual academics to engage with industry through participation in ICT events, through technology maps that you can help define, and other networking means. The talk targets active researchers of the CRC at The Open University, who wish to engage with industry and other academics. Bio. Professor Stefan Rueger joined Imperial College London as a postdoc in 1997, where he held a prestigious EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship (1999 to 2004) and was promoted to Reader in Multimedia and Information Systems in 2005. He joined KMi in 2006 to research and develop audio-visual search engines. Stefan has travelled from highly theoretical work during his undergraduate Physics studies ("algebraic quantum field theory") and PhD in Computer Science on the Theory of Neural Networks to applications and hands-on R&D work in Multimedia Information Retrieval. His interest in commercialisation and technology transfer prompted him to became a London Technology Network Business Fellow in Jan 2008.

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