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10 March 2009

SEAD Seminar - Michel Wermelinger and Blaine Price

Location: Meeting room 10, JLB
Time: 12.30pm, lunch will be provided form 12noon

Speaker 1: Michel Wermelinger Title: The EMEA Faculty Summit at Google Abstract: In this informal talk I will report on my attendance of Google's academic meeting in Zurich, the agenda of which is Available at https://sites.google.com/site/emeafacultysummit2009/agenda. The talk will complement what I already wrote in my trip report, which you should read beforehand (http://sead1.open.ac.uk/ResearchWiki/TripReports/WermelingerM%20-%20Switzerland%20tour%202009). Speaker 2: Blaine Price Title: Practical Personal Data Security (or how to avoid being one of those embarrassing newspaper headlines)  Abstract: Have you violated the Data Protection Act recently? If you have ever stored someone else's personal or confidential data (something about a student, tutor, or assessment material perhaps) on a laptop or USB memory stick then the answer is probably 'yes'. In this talk I will bring a brief practical tutorial on some simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of making the headlines when you leave your data on a train. If you want to try the exercises, bring a windows or Linux or mac laptop having first installed truecrypt. Ideally bring an empty USB drive also. If time and interest allows I'll also cover email encryption.  If you are interested in encryption for email then let me know your OS and mail client and I'll tell you what to prepare.  

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