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5 December 2013

MK:Smart: A Journey in Sub(Urban) Computing

Location: Meeting Room 1, Ground Floor, JLB
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm

Milton Keynes was founded with a utopian vision and has always exhibited a future-oriented spirit. In recent years Milton Keynes Council has been at the forefront in the struggle to reduce carbon emissions through a combination of technology innovation, community engagement and business collaboration. In the future Milton Keynes’ population is expected to expand from 252,400 in 2012 to over 300,000 in 2026. This growth will put stress on MK’s energy, water and transport infrastructure and might exacerbate social tensions. MK:Smart (www.mksmart.org) is a new collaborative research and development project that aims to develop and deploy urban computing technologies in Milton Keynes. The project covers a wide range of research, development and education activities, and explores the role of digital technologies in future “smart” cities: - Urban Analytics: how can data-driven analyses of resource consumption, human behavior, mobility patterns, economic activity, and urban perception inform the city design process? - Citizen Innovation: how can social collaboration tools help local communities to identify social problems and develop solutions in areas such as crime, transportation, health, education, food, energy, water, and environmental protection? - Mobility Networks: how can digital technologies and real-time data, in combination with innovative urban transportation system (including electric vehicles, on-demand bus systems and ride-sharing solutions), alleviate traffic problems, reduce carbon emissions and provide affordable mobility for all? - Water and Energy Networks: how can new technologies for smart grids and intelligent metering enable urban water and energy networks that dynamically respond to human mobility and behavior patterns and integrate renewable energy sources? - Business Innovation: what are the businesses opportunities in future smart-city ecosystems and how can we support technology start-ups to exploit these opportunities? This talk will provide an overview of the MK:Smart project. It will describe select initiatives in energy, citizen innovation and education, and discuss the role of the Computing and Communications department in delivering this project.

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