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8 May 2008

Rocket Science – a new perspective on creating products and services

Location: Maths & Computing Building Room 308
Time: 12.30 - 13.45
Speaker(s): Dave Roberts

There are many perspectives on how best to create the best products and services. Most methods are focussed on a particular discipline. They provide only a narrow view of how things should work. They ensure that a single discipline to dominate the process and only succeed for a narrow range of products. This narrow view can stifle innovation. Where is the space for invention? How do you create a ‘disruptive technology’? How do we allow all disciplines to make the most effective contribution to the results. In this talk Dave will then present a framework for examining a design process. He will examine current methods using his framework. Dave will give a brief view of some of his past design projects and how this experience led to the creation of a system-design method which provides a well controlled process which allows for innovation. Finally, Dave will show how his methods and framework can help organisations design innovative products and services. Dave Roberts Dave is a Senior Designer working in IBM's Emerging Technology Services group in Warwick, UK. Dave has been with IBM since 1974. He has working in many areas of computer development and support, including hardware design, systems support and the design of the desktop interfaces used by millions of people around the world. Since 1986 he has specialized in user interface design and human factors including the definition of all versions of Common User Access (CUA) – IBM’s standard for computer interfaces. He was principal architect of the 1992 version of CUA, a key document in the transition to object-oriented user interfaces on PCs. This is the interface adopted by Microsoft for Windows. Dave has also worked on design methods for systems in general, and the user interface of the system in particular. He led the creation of the OVID method and was principal author of the book “Designing for the User with OVID: Bridging User Interface Design and Software Engineering”. Dave continues to work on many aspects of the human-computer interface both within IBM and for IBM customers. He recently led the creation of an acclaimed interface for the RAF command and control system. He currently spends much of his time on research projects for military customers. Dave is a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Open University. He is a collaborator on a number of research projects in the areas of system design, system evaluation and the education of designers.

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