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14 April 2016

"Access Control in IoT" by Sariya Hatoum

Location: Meeting Room 10, 2nd Floor, Jennie Lee Building
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm
Speaker(s): Thavy Mony Annanda Rath, Saria Hatoum and Jean-NoŽl Colin

Introduction by Prof. Jean-NoŽl Colin: presentation of the team and the overall research activities of our group. The focus is given to access control and mechanisms applied to privacy protection. "Managing and Enforcing Privacy-aware Policies in IT Systems" by Dr. Thavy Mony Annanda Rath. He will describe the results of his PhD thesis, and more precisely a new approach for enforcing privacy-aware policies. The existing approach, such using user's role to enforce purpose of access to privacy sensitive data, fails to ensure the protection of private sensitive data, especially in case of internal attack since roles and purposes are not always aligned and members of the same organizational role may practice different purposes in their actions. To overcome these limitations, the proposed system focuses on three dimensions: modeling of purpose of access based on workflows, a purpose enforcement mechanism based on probabilistic prediction and the implementation of the mechanism in the real size environment (eHealth and European FP7 P5)." In this presentation, we are going to focus on security issues related to IoT, especially in the context of Access Control where authentication and authorization are its main core. Firstly, we discuss the state of the art of the existing access control models in IoT and their advantages and disadvantages. Secondly, we will also explore the authorization issues in IoT: centralized and distributed models.

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