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11 February 2008

Digital Live Art

Location: Room 308 Maths & Computing Building
Time: 12.30pm - 13.30pm
Speaker(s): Dr Jennifer Sheridan

Abstract: Digital Live Art is an emerging field of research which sits at the intersection of Computing, Live Art and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). It focuses on live, technologically-mediated public performance which is often performed by non-professional performers in unanticipated performance spaces. Recent research suggests that methods and theories from the performance arts offer a possible window for exploring how to design for, and support such interaction. In this presentation, Sheridan will discuss several projects which promote performative interactions in highly mobile and non-discrete spaces. These spaces are temporary and fleeting – much like street theatre and walkabout performance, where passers-by stumble upon the performance by chance. The projects, which have taken place in public gardens, nightclubs, and at several outdoor UK festivals, drive investigations in how to design for performative interaction in spaces which are heavily populated with unwitting bystanders - people who may not be aware that there is a performance. Concepts emerging out of her work include “wittingness”, “tripartite interaction” and the “Performance Triad Model” as well as a formal method for performative interaction. In her most recent piece, Sheridan collaboratively developed the technology for “Hoverflies”- generating the world’s first visual and 3D sound system driven by real-time acceleration over a wireless, peer-to-peer network. Sheridan will also discuss her move to the London Knowledge Lab to collaborate with Dr. Sara Price and George Roussos on the “Designing Tangibles for Learning” project. Bio: Dr. Jennifer G. Sheridan (jennifersheridan.com) is a Research Officer at the London Knowledge Lab. She has published over 20 academic papers in tangible computing, mobile phone interaction and Digital Live Art. She is Director of BigDog Interactive Ltd. (www.bigdoginteractive.com) a company of programmers and artists who create bespoke code for interactive installations and live performance events for artists, industry, advertising and academia. She is the founding Director of the (re)Actor conference series and has exhibited work in North America, Europe and Australia. Jennifer received her PhD in Computer Science from Lancaster University.

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