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17 July 2014

Analysing Public Engagement with Science on Twitter

Location: Meeting Room 10, 2nd Floor, JLB
Time: 14:15pm - 15:45pm
Speaker(s): Dr Victoria Uren - Aston Business School

The current ethos of science communication, advocates engaging the public in dialogue. Social Media provide an opportunity to conduct this dialogue in a highly accessible way: microblogs in particular have a low barrier to entry compared to blogs or discussion forums. This talk will summarise results from a series of experiments which analysed public communication about popular science topics on Twitter. We used a mixed methods approach, exploiting metrics, content analysis and visual analysis to look at topics including meteor showers, the Curiosity Mars mission, permafrost and phosphorus. Results will be discussed both in terms of what we discovered and of how the methodologies could be deployed in future work. Bio: Dr Victoria Uren is currently a Lecturer in Business Information Systems at Aston Business School. She has previously held research Fellowships at KMi (the Open University) and Sheffield University. Her research covers a range of subjects in the fields of semantic knowledge management and social media. Current research topics include how people engage with scientific discussion on the web using social media, and how serious games can be used to promote servitization of manufacturing industry.

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