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5 May 2009

SEAD Seminar: Ken Jacobie

Location: Meeting room 10, Jennie Lee Building
Time: 12.00
Speaker(s): Ken Jacobie

Abstract RFID has a long history but only now is technology sufficiently advanced that we are seeing a multitude of applications. Looking at some of the many applications we can see the many benefits that could be provided by using RFID from retailers using it for stock control to hospitals who see implantable RFID tags assisting in medical emergencies. We ask are the benefits being pushed without enough thought to the aspects of security and privacy. Do the general public understand the potential risks with this technology? Can this technology can be used and abused by criminals using this as another attack vector in the electronic age. I hope to highlight some of the issues around security and privacy relating to the use of this technology when used in different applications as well as discussing what we can do to address the risks surrounding security and privacy. Ken Jacobie Biography Originally from an electronics background, I moved into the datacoms / telecoms industry where I have over 10 years experience and then to the financial services industry where I have been working as a consultant for over 12 years. My areas have been primarily in network security and compliance of third parties to the payment card industry where I have been providing business solutions and IT strategies around the globe. I have varied interests especially in the area of privacy and computer crime.

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