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5 November 2009

Making your research visible - want some help?

Location: Meeting Room 1, Ground Floor, JLB
Time: 12pm - 1:45pm
Speaker(s): , Joe Mills - IFEC

If someone asks you 'What does your research look like?', what would you show them? Do you have photos, expressive graphics or diagrams, attractive representations to hand? Academic papers are one thing, but we need to make our research visible in other ways, to have evocative images that we can use to present our work in places like the CRC website, the Computing Department website and walls, the MCT research website, the media wall in JLB2, and so on. My goal for the department is to capture 5 visual images for each research project in Computing by the end of the year, and to work with IFEC to achieve that. The images would seed an 'image assets' database that would be available for any of the above uses, as well as printed material, talks and presentations, posters for walls, and so on. Want some help? Joe Mills from IFEC will join us to help us work out how to achieve this, and to schedule some sessions with individual projects. Already have some images? Then please share them. Good at this? Maybe you'd be willing to offer tips to someone who finds it more difficult?

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