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23 May 2013

Computer Malware: Business Plan for the ‘Bad Guys’

Location: Meeting Room 10, 2nd Floor, JLB
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm

In the mid 80’s and the first Intel based malware (Brain) and often many of the 90’s malware was just ‘15min of fame’ or ‘script-kiddies’ wanting to be talked about. Around 2004 this changed to criminal gangs, Mafia groups taking a large interest as there was money to be made from the millions of internet users. This talk looks at the money trail. Their business plan that makes malware and the Internet such a money making enterprise and you the target. Often seen as low risk and high return. No borders and harder to track. Looking at where the money is; The guys that create it, sell it and use it: $1’s for the minos at the bottom to the $millions at the top for the criminal tree. Short Bio I have been with the University since 1986 and working in malware removal and desktop security since 1993. Spoken at conferences in the UK, Europe and North America for Virus Bulletin, Kaspersky Labs, NETFOCUS and JANET Co-Author of ‘AVIEN: Malware Defense Guide for the Enterprise, 2007 Wrote the short course T187 Vandalism in Cyberspace that ran from 2004-2009 Involved with T189: Digital Photography since 2008 and T216:Cisco Networking since 2012 Webpage: http://users.mct.open.ac.uk/dp8/

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