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25 June 2009

IT Support and the Computing Department

Location: Meeting Room 10, 2nd Flr, JLB
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm
Speaker(s): John Wilson - MCT Faculty

Since the Department's occupation of JLB, the merger of the Maths and Technology Faculties, and the restructuring of IT services in the nascent MCT Faculty, there has been a general view that the Computing Department in particular has suffered from a poor level of IT Support. This meeting is intended to be a discussion forum where the the problems can be discussed, and I hope some improvements to the situation can be formulated. BIO: John was born in Mansfield Woodhouse in Nottinghamshire, which sounds as if it should be a picturesque village in the heart of Robin Hood country, but was actually a small colliery town. After living in various places around the UK, he returned to Nottinghamshire and studied for a BSc. in Mathematics at Nottingham University. Then, after a short time working in an accountancy practice, he returned to full-time study and gained an MSc. in Information Theory, and a PhD. in Computing Science. In 1981 he joined the Technology Faculty of the OU as a Unix expert, where he remained in relative obscurity until the MCS+Technology merger. Since that reorganisation, he has been IT Support Manager for the nascent MCT Faculty. His interests include user interface design and F/LOSS – not that he has time to pursue such things. His preferred programming language at the moment is PERL, which can probably be considered a criticism, or at least an indication that his philosophy is to get work done quickly with minimum effort

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