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29 November 2012

'Mobile analytics for software quality engineering: an industrial perspective'

Location: Meeting Room 10, 2nd Floor, JLB
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm
Speaker(s): Julian Harty

Mobile phones exist in a rich environment with lots of inputs  . They offer fresh opportunities for businesses who develop apps for these mobile devices. People in the businesses believe they need to be able to track the behaviour of users of their apps for various reasons including non-repudiation and in order to design and develop more successful apps and services. They can end up collecting lots of data through techniques such as mobile analytics. From a software quality engineering perspective, we want the apps to work well rather than being of poor quality. The gathered data can help to test apps. At this point we might have a 'solved problem' if it weren't for issues such as upholding the privacy of the users of the system. Some uncomfortable decisions need to be made in practice between data gathering and use of that data for software quality purposes. User awareness of privacy issues may well lag industry practice; and legislation is also behind the curve in terms of the privacy implications and any mandates on what data can be gathered and how it can and cannot be used. Companies decide what's appropriate based on business risks, which may lead to them doing some things we'd prefer them not to; and conversely for them to ignore things we'd prefer them to do. This seminar will set the scene for the mobile ecosystem and some of the decisions and tradeoffs made within companies in terms of mobile analytics, non-repudiation, privacy of users & business risks.   Julian Harty has worked with and for global internet companies at the forefront of mobile apps where data underpins many business decisions. He's a software engineer who works to improve software quality and engineering practices. Over the years he's contributed to various open source projects and initiatives. He's spoken at lots of conferences and workshops globally, written several books on mobile apps, and been published commercially and by the ACM. His passion is to use mobile apps and devices to help people live better lives. He aims to help people become competent so they can help others become competent. 

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