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4 October 2007

Software Product Lines - What, Why, When and How

Location: Room 308 (Top Floor) Maths & Computing Dept
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm
Speaker(s): Dr Mark Dalgarno - Software Acumen

This talk will introduce the Software Product Lines approach - a way of building families of similar-but-different software variants from a set of configurable, reusable assets using a common production method. Building sets of software variants from reusable assets like this can lead to economies of scope, enabling benefits such as increased productivity, improved quality, reduced time-to-market etc. to be realised. However, the product line approach is not universally applicable, and the talk will describe when you can and when you cannot build such product lines and how to go about it if you do decide it is applicable. Speaker Biography Mark Dalgarno has been in the software industry for over twenty years and now works for Software Acumen (www.software-acumen.com), a consultancy specialising in Software Product Lines (SPL). In his past life he has been involved in software product development and software consultancy for a number of companies in a variety of roles from programmer up to software development manager. Mark is also the editor of The Code Generation Network (www.codegeneration.net), a specialist web resource on Code Generation tools and technologies, and is the organiser of next year's Code Generation 2008 conference. Mark also blogs (mainly) about software at The Variation Point (blog.software-acumen.com).

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