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23 June 2011

The Cracks in Science

Location: Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor, JLB
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm

About three weeks ago I had a cover article published in the Times Higher Education Supplement that related how genomic research that was highly flawed was used in a series of clinical trials on 109 cancer patients. I shall use this seminar to drill deeper into the issues. The seminar will look, among other things, at: the problems of reproducibility, the effect of the Internet on science, why computing researchers should stop tinkering under the bonnet and start driving the car, the university as a commercial entity, the scientific publishing iindustry as a cash cow and how computing researchers and science researchers can collaborate in the future. The seminar is suitable for a non-computing audience. I hope to provide some answers to the question: 'Why over the last decade have 80,000 patients (a conservative estimate) undergone clinical trials based on research that was defective and which was consequently retracted?'

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