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3 March 2011

Towards Engineering Self-adaptive Software: A Quality-Driven Approach

Location: Meeting Room 10, 2nd Floor, JLB
Time: 12:30pm - 13:45pm
Speaker(s): Dr Mazeiar Salehie - , Lero, The Irish Software Engineering Research Center

Self-adaptive software research is growing, and one of the main driving forces is the proliferation of Internet-based, pervasive and ambient applications, which are subject to continuous context changes. These systems provide self-* properties in order to keep software requirements satisfied (or satisficed), improve/optimize software behaviour, or compromise requirements in different situations in favour of stakeholders. This talk first highlights key entities of this problem domain and briefly reviews existing paradigms in engineering such systems. By emphasizing the role of quality requirements, a policy-based approach is discussed and a particular goal-driven solution is elaborated in this context. This solution is inspired by lessons learned in behaviour-based Robotics. Finally, recent progress on security adaptation research at Lero will be presented. Biography: Mazeiar Salehie received the PhD degree in Computer Engineering in 2009 from University of Waterloo, Canada. Before his PhD, he was working in several R&D projects related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as software engineer and manager for five years. Before joining to Lero, The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre, as research fellow in December 2010, he was post-doctoral fellow at the software validation and verification department of Research In Motion (RIM), Canada. His research interests are in runtime adaptation, quality requirements, decision-making approaches in Software Engineering and quality assurance.

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