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9 June 2009

SEAD Seminar: Blaine Price and Kamran Virk

Location: JLB meeting room 1
Time: 12.30pm

Speaker 1 of 2: Blaine Price, Computing Department   Title: So What is this KTP Thing?  Is It Worth It?   Abstract: Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are FEC Grants for 1-2 researchers for 1-2 years from the Technology Strategy Board. They are designed to foster collaboration between university researchers and industry by funding a single academic at 10% (half day per week) to supervise an project where the staff are university employees but work at the collaborating company site and are jointly supervised by someone in the company. The grant is administered by the university comprising a 40% contribution from the funding body and a 60% contribution from the company. The company gains by having the academic expertise contributing to the project as well as any IP the academic brings. The academic gains by having industry experience and getting to see their ideas realized in a product.   As the PI for the second successful KTP bid from the OU, Blaine is now a local expert and will explain the process, benefits, and pitfalls in the process.   Bio: Blaine Price has been an OU lecturer since 1994, having joined the OU in 1991 as a temporary member of research staff. He has undergraduate degrees from Queen's University at Kingston and did his Postgraduate work at the University of Toronto. He also worked as a researcher in Apple's Human Interface Group in 1988.   Speaker 2 of 2: Kamran Virk, Executive Interviews Ltd. and OU Computing Department   Title: Initial Design for an Automated Digital Video Analysis and Editing System   Abstract: Having completed the first three weeks of this KTP project, I will present some initial results of my business requirements analysis as well as the market survey and competitor analysis. I will outline the initial hardware design and describe how I expect the project to proceed at this early stage.   Bio: Kamran has been in post nearly a month with his regular workplace being the Executive Interviews head office in Arlsey, Bedfordshire. He completed his undergraduate education in Pakistan where he worked for two companies as a software engineer and project manager in streaming media and video conferencing applications. He completed his Masters degree at the Technical University of Denmark in 2007 and worked as a researcher at Kingston University in 2008.

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